Weekend trip to Sutton Bluff

Discussion in 'Trail Riding' started by Hurricane, Apr 20, 2015.

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    Hey all just sharing a weekend trail ride a group of us took to Sutton Bluff this past weekend in the Mark Twain National forest here in Missouri. The place is huge with a about 12 marked trails but endless acres of exploring. I think we put in about 150 miles over Friday through sunday. No mechanical failures (other than 1 pinch flat) and no injuries! As I said the place only boasted about 12 marked trails that are probably only 25 to 30 miles combined but if you are an explorer like my group tends to be you only ride the trails to find something interesting cutting off the side of them. We rode power line cuts for miles with some of the nastied and steepest hills you'll find in the Missouri, crossing back and forth over the Black River, and endless acres of woods while opening up the throttle down logging roads. Had a great time. Here's a shot of the yz I took during a break. yz-suttonb.jpg

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