300rr clutch slave wear

Discussion in 'Beta' started by Admin, Oct 27, 2017.

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    So, I've had the Clake One Light Clutch for some time and it always seemed like it was more of an on/off switch with a very narrow engagement range which made feathering the clutch not as precise as I thought it should be. I always just assumed this was a characteristic of the Clake. my last couple rides I was loosing the lever all together and upon inspection I found the master cylinder to be empty.

    Not seeing any external leaks, I assumed the slave o-ring was leaking and figured this was a good time to order the 2014 350 oversize slave from Two Wheels. My thought was that the oversize piston provides an easier pull and also requires more lever travel to achieve the same throw which seemed like a win/win for me.

    I installed and bled the slave last night with Motul dot 5.1 (as per Clake specs) and as expected the lever pull was insanely easy and well spread out feeling.

    Upon inspection of the old slave I noticed the reason the o-ring was leaking was the bore was totally jacked up, to the point that I had use 80 psi air pressure to pop the piston out of the slave. I haven't ridden it yet, but I think this explains the on/off feeling I had been experiencing.

    Question is, what would cause the bore of the slave to become so scored up?
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    Soft alloy, not anodized most likely. I swear I have had none of these issues with a '13 that has far more hours. Got to wonder if production volume cuts some corners.

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