2018 Husky TE300 compared to Beta 300rr

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    With the upcoming Graham Jarvis class this coming weekend, I was lucky enough to pick up Graham's loaner bike from Town and Country cycles a few days early. I haven't put a real ride on it but I just did a quick loop out of my house to get a feel for the TE300.

    The bike is bone stock, which is how Graham asked for it! of course the springs are probably light for my 200lbs in street cloths, and I didn't set the sag, touch a clicker or fiddle with the carb at all. but here are my initial impressions compared to my current well setup Beta 300rr:

    • seat height is slightly higher than the Beta
    • engine has very, very little vibrations, you have to rev it to make sure it's running.
    • electric start finally seems to work like it should have 10 years ago!
    • bottom end felt very anemic compared to the Beta (however it was 14/50 gearing compared to my Beta @ 13/51)
    • clutch felt very nice (magura)
    • brakes felt great also (magura)
    • Xplor fork and shock were very plush and I felt like I could ride it stock without issue in my slow technical trails.
    • At first I thought the Husky plastic was a bit old school looking, but it's growing on me. I guess KTM did this be design to try and give the bike an old school husky feel. the fenders and seat are very square looking compared to their KTM siblings.
    I'll follow up more after the class when I get a chance to really ride it.

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